Friday, June 7, 2013

Getting Ready For The Weekend

It's Friday!! It is also the first night of Riverbend!!!!  I am literally counting down the hours! I am pretty sure that work is going to go by so very slow! Once I get off work, I will head to Gigi's to pick up a cupcake for my trainer since her birthday was earlier this week. Then off for a quick training session, then a speed shower and getting ready in hopes that C and I can make it in time to see Florida Georgia Line tonight! Then Jake Owen plays at 9!! Other than the blistering heat, and the horrible crowds, I am really looking forward to going!! However, this adventure causes me to not go home after work. And that makes me sad. I have been patiently waiting on my orders to be shipped. I have a big breakfast planned for C on Saturday morning, and I am anxious to get everything in!! I do believe I am looking forward to this cute little thing more so than anything else! I can't wait to get some fresh fruit and use this little guy!
I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!!

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