Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mud Run and a New Watch!

So April just flew by! And May is off to the very same start! I litterally looked at the calender to see that it is already MAY 8TH!! **Shout out to my M, my brother in law in the making!! It is his birthday!!**But seriously that means that May is already almost 1/3 over!!!! Good news is that means 4th of July is so much closer, and I can't wait to decorate!! But the last weekend of April included a wonderful trip to Dalton, GA so C could run the Superhero Scramble. It was awesome!! I also got to watch a beautiful story unfold, as a man who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident about a year ago finished the race! Superman Walks (look them up on Facebook) helped this man through the race, and as he completed on of the last obstacles, he saw his family there at the end waiting on him to finish. He is from FL, and he had no idea his family was there. It was really a moving story. I won't even try to tell you anymore about it because I would just ruin the beauty of it.
So on to C, he and his dad and brother ran the race. It took them about an hour and a half. And you have to remember, it was in North Georgia, so the hills were killer!! But they had a blast, and I was very jealous that I didn't get to run as well! Next year.
But now for a few photos!

He was very excited!

My Captain America :)

Waiting to start

I don't think I could have done this!!

Now here is where they really got dirty!

And I do believe that C kicked his dad in the face...


NOW!!! if you aren't following my fitness journey, then here is a little update!!
This beautiful beautiful beautiful Michael Kors watch is what I gifted myself with when I finally hit under 200 lbs!! :) I went by the scale at home and not the one at the gym, so I got it a little earlier than I would have if I had waited for the gym scale. My scale at home is usually 2 lbs heavier than the gym scale, so when it came in under 200 lbs, that is when I said, screw it, I want that watch today!! :) So, needless to say, I have been wearing this bad boy out!! :) I hope everyone had a great April!! 


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