Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anniversary Cruise

In 5 short months, C and I will be taking a much needed week long vacation. We will be on our first week long cruise, and don't worry, we aren't traveling with Carnival. Nope, I am a Royal Caribbean snob I guess... I am overly excited about it!! Since C and I have been married, our "alone" vacations have been our week long honeymoon in Gatlinburg, TN, a short weekend for C's birthday in Gatlinburg, TN, and earlier this year, a short weekend cruise to the Bahamas. We have been on several trips with family, but just a few with just each other. Now October is going to be looking pretty nice if you ask me. The first weekend we are going white water rafting and horse back riding and staying in Ocoee, TN that weekend. The following weekend we will travel to Ellijay, GA like we do every year for apples and pumpkins. This year, we will hit the Apple festival, so I am talk C into going the last weekend in September. I guess it just depends. And then the next weekend we will spend Saturday traveling down to Coco Beach, FL so we are just 20 minutes away from the ship when we board on Sunday. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!! I have already started packing in my head.
My thoughts are that with my fitness journey, I should be really close to my goal weight by the time the cruise rolls around. I am finding out now that all my clothes that I have in my closet right now are actually a little too big, and the clothes I have from 2 years ago are a little too small, so it looks like new clothes will be in order for this vacation!! :) I can't wait!!
Some of the items on my packing list include :
*shoe organizer, hamper, over the door shoe organizer - to help keep the room in order while taking up basically no space in my suitcase
* a killer swimsuit from VS as a gift to myself for working out so hard
*a new formal dress for the first formal night
*a Little Black Dress for our anniversary dinner
*sunscreen because we don't want to get sun burnt :)
*a small alarm clock, because on the last cruise we didn't get our wake up calls like we were supposed to, and because we slept through most of one day...
*extra camera batteries, because on our last cruise, my camera was just about dead by the last day
*workout wear because I will have worked so hard for the body I will have at the time, and I will gain 10 lbs from all the pizza and ice cream I will eat if I don't work out some on the trip
*a good attitude!! because we will be on VACATION BABY!!!
I will be posting an official packing list as we get closer to the actual cruise!

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