Thursday, April 25, 2013


Um, April?? Where did you go???? I swear this month flew by! It is like I tunred around and BAM! it is the end of the month. I feel like I have gotten nothing accomplished this month. In fact, I don't think I have. Though I haven't gotten much accomplished, I got to do a lot. April included helping a dear friend's little boy turn 7 at a wonderful birthday party, run my first 5K mud run (Let me just tell you that it is the first of many!! It was so much fun!), and see Third Day, Colton Dixon and Josh Wilson in concert! The end of April will bring watching my wonderful husband run his first 8K, and enjoying a day with my sisters!!

The only good thing that the end of April brings is the beginning of May which means we are that much closer to July! Bring on the festive planning! And Strawberry season is right around the corner which means I will be eating my weight in strawberries soon. I will probably turn into a strawberry...

April showers bring May flowers...well that and tons of hammock time! I am really looking forward to less rain. C and I, or well mainly C is cleaning out the back yard and hopefully soon we will have another place to put hammocks up! I am super excited about that!!

Now for a few pictures!!

A new discovery is the mason jar and paper straw obsession I seem to have. I swear I drink out of a mason jar with a stripped paper straw every day!! 

Thank you GA clay for making it look like I rolled around in nacho flavored Doritos...

Third Day!!!

My new obsession...running/jogging/walking the Walnut Street Bridge in Downtown Chattanooga in the evenings to get my cardio and C25K times better!!

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