Monday, March 11, 2013

Backpacking...The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

So, C and I took up an offer than my step brother and his wife (on my dad's side) invited us on. This past weekend we went backpacking...

Now that you have picked your jaw up off the floor, I am here to tell you that I did in fact survive, and I did enjoy myself. I believed we backpacked a total of 17 miles give or take a little. I carried a 25 lb pack on the way in and probably a 20 lb pack on the way out. So here is my take on this adventure!!

The Good - *The exercise was great!!! Since becoming a gym rat, I loved that I was getting such great exercise. *The views were amazing as well. I love hiking up to places where I can overlook the beauty that we don't get to see every day. I could sit and just look out over the valley at God's beautiful work all day! *The weather!!! Oh heaven's! If it wasn't amazing where you were at this past weekend, I feel bad for you! We had temps in the 60's!! It was so so so nice!! *The company! Obviously depending on who you go with, this could be classified as "The Bad" or "The Ugly", but in our case, we had some amazing company!! They were so kind not to say anything to me for being such a slow poke. Seeing as how I was the heaviest out of all the group, I knew I would move kind of slow and I hoped it wouldn't create a huge problem with the rest of the group. *The food was great. C is really creative when it comes to camping food, so we had soft tacos! And boy were they yummy!! *The view looking up as soon as I got out of the tent. It was simply breath taking. No more words can describe that view.  *NO technology. I turned of my phone, and boy was it amazing to be dialed into nature. I could let all the stresses of the world go for that time. I wish I could do that more often. *I could list several more, but I am going to limit this post. :)

The Bad - *The rocks. Now, as always with me when hiking, I have a sworn enemy!! Rocks and roots hidden by leaves. I did so well going in. I watched where I was walking (which hurt my neck). But on the way out, I rolled my right ankle so bad that C thought I broke it!! It was so horrible. But I pushed through and made it back to the car. *The night was rather chilly. The weather was so beautiful during the day that when the sun went down, I was dreading the cold that came with it. While sitting around the fire was warm, I knew going to bed was going to be a difficult task. With our new (AWESOME/FANTASTIC/AMAZING) sleeping pads, it made sleeping on the ground like sleeping on air - quite literally :). The sleeping bags were a different story. While it kept me warm, it didn't keep me warm enough and that is simply because I didn't zip the bag up all the way. Why?? Because it is a mummy bag and I hate my feet being constricted. So I had the bottom half unzipped, and then the top half was unzipped so that my furnace of a husband could put his arm around me. *The loud campers near by. I am all for others camping, but all of the sudden, we had a ton of people yelling it seemed. It was less peaceful that I wanted. *The weight of my pack...Yeah, I over packed...

The Ugly - *The lack of a shower. Oh boy did I stink. At least I thought I did. I love taking showers. I love being clean. I love sweating and then getting in a nice cool shower...Well that doesn't happen when you backpack. *The lack of indoor plumbing...or plumbing in general. Sure there was an outhouse...that was the most disgusting thing in the world...but nothing beats indoor plumbing. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid to pee in the woods, but there is just something about having a bathroom that makes me happy. *The soreness that my shoulders, lower back, and feet felt. Oh my stars!! I had no clue that my muscles could be so sore!!! *The feeling like I was walking in circles... *The small creeks we had to cross. I have an abnormal fear of falling into like ankle deep water face first because of all the rocks that are around. I guess my fear is because I can't swim in it. I am just terrified to cross a small creek where I have to step on rocks because I just know I am going to fall forward and bust my face open. I know, I know. I am strange... *The suspension bridges. I am in love with looking over the valley knowing I am up several feet in the air, but the second you have me walk across  a suspension bridge carrying so much added weight, and the I notice that there is duct tape wrapped in certain spots... I begin to get nervous. I am scared of heights, so this was my least favorite part of the trip.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?? ----- IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!! The Good outweighs The Bad and The Ugly by so much!! I can't wait to go again!! Only next time I am not taking so much stuff!

The best feelings after such a long backpacking/hiking trip
*bare feet on soft plush carpet
*a hot shower and a yummy smelling sugar scrub
*washing your hands with a foaming soap
*sleeping in your own bed
*a bubble bath immediately following your shower as long as you haven't drained the hot water
*boneless buffalo wings
*washing your face
*cleaning your ears out
*clean sweatpants
*chocolate milk

Let me just add this little bit of info. The last 2 miles were the 2.5 miles were going to be the worst. After sitting and taking a break, my ankle hurt more than I could stand, so my wonderful husband carried my pack for me all the way up until about the last quarter mile. I truly believe he is a super hero...Captain America to be exact. :) I have been so blessed with such a loving, caring, considerate, wonderful, awesome husband. So yeah, be jealous, I am married to Captain America...


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