Saturday, January 12, 2013


Sleeping in on Saturday = WIN!!!! Sleeping in on Saturday when you have 3,452,576,476,356 things to do = FAIL!! Getting up early when you have 3,452,576,476,356 things to do, but updating your blog instead = ???

Guess which one I am doing??? Ah yes, while C sleeps, I am up and updating said blog and catching up on those I follow. Anyway. Eventually I will do a post cruise post, but I don't feel like dragging out my laptop, so it will have to wait.

Good news though!! Update on my weight getting rid of...

Jan 1 2013 - 216.0 lbs
Jan 7 2013 - 217.0 lbs
Jan  9 2013 - 215.4 lbs
Jan 11 2013 - 215.2 lbs

So I haven't lost any more than that, and I know it is only 1.8 lbs, but I am proud of that!!! After all progress is progress no matter how small!! Oh and don't forget I was on a cruise will all you can get ice cream and pizza (oh how I miss that), and then C and I ended up with pizza 2 nights this week because we didn't want to cook. So I will be starting back with my diet a little bit better this week. And with the rain that has put a stop to my walking because the rain bothers my knee. (and yes that does actually happen.) So I am hoping that the rain holds off and I can get my walking in at some point today.

But for now, I start my day off with Key Lime pie flavored yogurt, half a large grapefruit and 24 oz of water. I haven't hit my water goal yet. I have to drink 108 oz of water, and as much as I love water, I just haven't been able to drink it.


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