Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh blogger world...

So, I have recently noticed that all the blogs I follow are written by wonderful mothers. They get to show off their cute little kids, and their elf on the shelf adventures, and all the joys that come with motherhood. (and before you attack me and say I am wrong because it isn't always a walk in the park, I know that, I am just saying that I am seeing lots of the joys of being a mother.I actually had a lady verbally attack me saying that I was wrong when I said something about the "joys of motherhood". I'm sure she was having a bad day...)

I love keeping up with all the blogs! But it makes me feel boring. Like who is going to read my blog? My life is not interesting, I don't have cute kids to fill up my blog, or I don't have an elf on the shelf. So since I am feeling boring, I am just going to post some pictures. :)

The view I had coming home the other day.


Just a few of the gifts that are wrapped and under tree for friends.
This tree is my favorite. It is full of ornaments C and I have collected of the years.


  1. I LOVE seeing your pictures and your blog posts. I vote you write/post more often :)

  2. Then have a kiddo for me to oogle over!!! ;) But, either way, you ARE an interesting person who leads an interesting life! I mean, how often does one get to say, 'yeah, I'm married to a fireman who saves lives' OR 'I enjoy being married to my best friend, what's it to you?' You keep doin' you love. I always like to see what you'll post to FB or Instagram next.

    1. Thanks Jenny!! C isn't fighting fires anymore, volunteering in Chattanooga hasn't worked out with his work schedule. He was bummed out about it at first, but he really loves his job so it has all worked out. :)



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