Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday and Christmas Saturday with the Long's!!

We had a fantastic thanksgiving. I was still getting over being sick, and C had what seemed like the start of it, but all in all it was good. We ha lunch with my dad, and then traveled to GA where my mom is, and we had lunch with everyone but my older sister and my might-as-well-already-be-my-brother-in-law. They were traveling. We missed them but we knew they had others to visit. :) Plus I got to seem them on Friday. So after I ate all the turkey and rolls I could possibly stuff in my belly, Mom and I began to get our lists ready and head out the door to Wally World. Let me just say now that I hate that place on Black Friday. Why do I go then? Because in the town that my mom and step-dad live in is small and that is basically the only place to go, that and they have like $4 blu rays. :) So we ended up spending like $85 on movies. Gotta love that! But Wal-Mart got stupid this year and decided to place all the stuff that the women were going after in the Produce section where there is no room to move. All the small appliances, sheets, etc and that many women??? CRAZY!! So I didn't try and fight that crowd, I instead sat back and watched as my wonderful husband battle the crowd to get a Crock Pot and a coffee maker among other things. Then when we finished there, we sent the boys off to Dick's Sporting Goods to buy ammo because I have just learned to face the facts that my husband will buy ammo just because he can. So while they were there, my mom and I made the venture to the mall! Oh boy! We went for 2 stores is all. And we were out of there!!! We then went home and slept! After getting up, we spent the day with my mom and step dad, and then my older sister and her other half, had dinner and then made the journey back to TN!

Then Saturday, we slept in, like noon slept in. It was awesome! Then I decided to make it a new tradition to make the Saturday after Thanksgiving "Christmas Saturday" Christ Tree waffles, a Christmas mug, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for the first time of the season. :) Then Christmas tree decorating. Now usually I will have my tree up, but I will reserve one tree to decorate on this Saturday. :) And my dad and step mom went to see family, so we have my new step sister stay with us, and she helped get the ornaments ready for C and I to deecorate the tree. But finally it all paid off, the tree was up and decorated and so was the mantle. :) I wish we hadn't been sick, so we could have enjoyed it more, but it was good! NOW we are in the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!!!!!

And for the pictures of the weekend!

Thanks Wal-Mart. Next year don't make everyone stand near the food.

Can we spot Captain America?? Brave man right there battling to get movies for his awesome wife :)
Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret here we come!
Someone was happy with his Black Friday purchase

Our Christmas tree waffles, coffee in my favorite christmas mug and my 2nd favorite Christmas movie!!!
"Christmas Saturday"

Lyss Helping "decorate"
I love the fireplace!
I had these on the Christmas tree when I was younger and I just love having them on our tree this year!

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