Tuesday, September 6, 2016

100 Youtube Subscribers Giveaway

HELLO! And welcome to the 472 and Main blog (that is hardly used). Below is the link to the giveaway that I have mentioned on my Youtube channel. Be sure to enter to win! There will be 2 Winners.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sometimes we don't love something anymore.

I honestly believe we have seasons in life where we love things and then things we once loved, we just feel as if it becomes work. That is what happened with this blog. I got to where it was so much work to actually post 5 days a week. I found myself wanting to create a bunch of content that just wasn't very good just to post daily. I put so much pressure on myself to be a daily blogger that I got to where I didn't love it anymore. I took time off obviously. I pursued other paths for a creative outlet. I failed at many things, but then it happened. 

I found a creative outlet that really paired well with my Type A personality. I'm a planner by nature. I love lists and marking things off. I had an agenda in high school, just the cheap ones that were provided for us. I found myself decorating it and drawing all over it all the time. After high school, I just had a bunch of notebooks I wrote lists in. 3 years ago, I discovered Erin Condren and my life was changed. At the time, I had no idea about the planner community, much less the potential this little spiral bound planner had. I used it as a list keeper for the first year, then the second year, I had a small encounter with the planner community when one of the Youtuber's I watch shared a planner video. I immediately started collecting all the washi I could get my hands on. My goal was to have a candy jar full of washi. I had no idea what I would do with it all, but I successfully completed that goal! 

After playing around with printables, I made the jump and purchased my very first printed kit from Planner Sticker Jubilo. To say I was hooked was an understatement. 

I've been a planner sticker addict ever since. I look forward to planning each week and new releases give me life. I've found some of my favorite shops and I have a huge stack of planner kits just waiting to be used. I even attended the Atlanta PlannerCon this past weekend. I decided to take a huge leap of faith, and I recorded my very first youtube video. 

My love of planners has sparked my love of blogging again. I thought through it over and over before i decided to get back into blogging, but I found this wonderful thing. Balance. I don't need to push myself to be a daily blogger or create what I like to call "fluff content." 

When I decided to get back into blogging, I decided I would focus only on things I love. So in that, I'll be posting a lot about planning, books, beauty, holidays and who knows what else. There won't be a set schedule for a while, but I am so looking forward to getting back into the blogger community. So in saying all that, here is to baby steps. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2 Months Later...

It was never my intention to not even log into my blogger account for almost 2 months, but time really got away from me. The last half of October was spent preparing for all the traveling we would be doing, November was a seriously busy month between travels and Thanksgiving, and December is turning out to be just the same. By the way, how is it December?

I'm not going to go into too much detail about our cruise, because I want to do a much better recap later, but here is just a quick overview of what has been going on around here!

October we celebrated our 5th anniversary, and packed up basically everything we own, or at least it felt that way, for the 15 days that traveling was going to happen. I had a work trip at the first of November, followed immediately by the annual family weekend trip in Gatlinburg. Upon arriving back at home, I had 4 days to make sure everything for our cruise was packed, the house was cleaned, and Christmas decorations were out. I failed miserably.

Below are a few pictures from our cruise vacation with my in-laws.

Upon returning home, our puppy stayed by the door all the time in fear that we would be leaving her again soon.

When she wasn't by the door, she was cuddled up next to me. Thanksgiving was a full day for all of us, so once I sat down, she didn't move from this spot until she had to. 

And the Saturday after Thanksgiving was pure bliss. We continued our tradition of making Christmas tree waffles and watching Christmas vacation for the first time of the season. We were able to decorate our tree, but we were far to tired to go out and get our real tree. Here is to hoping the rain stops and allows up to go pick one up.

I've got a full book of ideas for posts to come, but carving out the time to sit down is going to be the different part. I'm not going to put a lot of pressure on myself to post 5 days a week like I did before. I'm already working on my goals for 2016 which include a better, more consisted posting schedule and potentially starting a YouTube channel for my blog. Some things I just fee like would be better in a video. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope y'all are getting in the Christmas spirit! We all know I am! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Cruise 101 : Carry On Packing List & Tips

For the next installment of Cruise 101, I am sharing what I usually pack in my carry on bag, and what C packs in his carry on bag. We try to be practical when packing these bags because we know that if we board around 11 AM, we will be carrying them around until 1:30-2 PM when our rooms are ready. We also like to be sure to pack essentials because there is a chance your luggage won't make it to your room before dinner. 

We like to carry backpacks instead of using small rolling suitcases, or even small duffel bags. We have tried several different bags as carry on bags, but these backpacks are our favorite. C has this backpack and I have this backpack. They redesigned both backpacks, so you can see the new version for C's here, and the new version for mine here. 

In general, the rules for carry on bags for a cruise go by the same rules as the TSA has for flights. Now, I don't think they are anywhere near as strict, because we carried on a rather large carry on one year. We have never had a problem carrying on any bag, they just discourage you from carrying on your giant suitcase. The main things is that your carry on must fit through the scanner, so just really think about the size bag you have and how heavy it is because you will have to tote it around until your room opens. 

In our carry on, we have the following things : 

*tennis shoes
*dress shoes
*travel size toiletry kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo/body wash combo, cologne, face wash)
*workout clothes (shorts, socks, boxers/briefs, t-shirt)
*dinner clothes (pants, belt, polo, socks)
*swim trunks
*sunglasses and hat (attached on shoulder strap)
*electronics/chargers for both of us (phones charger, kindles/charger, GoPro/charger, camera, SD cards, batteries)

*tennis shoes
*dressy flip flops
*travel size toiletry kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, perfume, lotion, hair brush, hair spray, hair ties, bobby pins, face wash, minimal make up (usually CC cream, blush, mascara, lip gloss, beauty blender))
*workout clothes (capris, socks, sports bra, undies, tank top)
*dinner clothes (maxi dress)
*swim suit & cover up
*sunglasses & visor (attached on shoulder strap)

When it comes to cruises, at least Royal Caribbean, they are pretty good about getting you your luggage. In all the cruises I have been on, none of the luggage for me or anyone in my party has gone missing and we have not met anyone who has had luggage go missing. Like I said before, your luggage my be delayed though. That is why we pack an outfit for dinner. Ladies, think of something that won't wrinkle, or pack some wrinkle release spray in your carry on. I personally will take a black maxi dress in my carry on because it doesn't show wrinkles. Men, roll your pants to prevent wrinkles. If you have pants that are wrinkle resistant, even better. C likes to take a polo that is rolled and as wrinkle resistant as possible. 

If you are taking wine on board, remember it is one 750 ml bottle per person. You will need to put that in your carry on as well. Be sure to pack any valuables/breakables in your carry on. You will be more careful with it than the people transporting your checked bags will be. 

I usually wear either flip flops or my tennis shoes on, it just depends on how much space I have in my carry on. I do pack a dressy pair of sandals to use for dinner, and pack heels in my checked bag. Usually, the 4 pair are all I will need on the cruise. C takes 3 pair, his tennis shoes, a pair of black dress shoes, and his Chacos. That is all he will wear the entire cruise. 

Lastly, be sure to pack a swim suit, sunscreen, glasses and a hat/visor so you are able to enjoy your vacation immediately. If you are those people, kinda like C and I who want the option of working out, then pack work out clothes. 

Do you have any other items that are must haves in your carry on? 

Cruise 101 will be a series based on mine and C's knowledge of cruising with Royal Caribbean to Caribbean ports. We have been to Nassau, Bahamas, Coco Cay, Bahamas (RC's private island), Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas and Phillipsburg, St Maarten. While the information I share is based off cruises with Royal Caribbean, and to these specific ports, most of the information is transferable to different itineraries and cruise lines. Be sure to do check with the cruise line you choose to see how it matches up with the information I am providing. All information given is based on my own experience, and is my own opinion. To See other posts in this series, click here. 


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